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The ranking of financing buying quotas in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets shows that the dividend ETF(510880) has net sales of 613777casino77freespins.280,000 yuan, financing purchases have increased steadily in the past three days, and at the same time, a net purchase of 175,500 shares has been made from securities lending.

777casino77freespins| Dividend ETF(510880): Financing purchases were stable and rising in three trading days, with net purchases reaching 175,500 shares

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[Shanghai and Shenzhen market data777casino77freespins: Dividend ETF net financing sales of 6.1328 million yuan] In the margin trading on May 23, the financing purchase amount of Dividend ETF (510880) on that day was 12 million yuan, ranking 623rd in the market. At the same time, the financing repayment amount on the day reached 18 million yuan, resulting in a net sales amount of 6.1328 million yuan. In the three trading days from the 21st to the 23rd, dividend ETF financing purchases were 10 million yuan, 13 million yuan and 12 million yuan respectively, showing fluctuations in market interest. In terms of securities trading, the dividend ETF achieved a net purchase of 175,500 shares on the 23rd, and the sales volume of securities trading on the day was 15,000 shares. This is evident from the long-short attitude of market participants towards ETFs.