foggystarcasino| Shilong Industrial: The company's stock will implement other risk warnings from May 17

Shilong Industrial (Rights Protection)(002748) Announcement on the evening of May 15foggystarcasinoDue to false records in the 2019 annual report and 2020 annual report, the company received a issuance from the Jiangxi Securities Regulatory Bureau.foggystarcasinoIn the "Administrative Penalty Decision", the Jiangxi Securities Regulatory Bureau decided to order the company to make corrections, give a warning, and impose a fine of 2.8 million yuan; it warned the relevant senior executives at the time and imposed fines ranging from 500,000 yuan to 1.4 million yuan. The company's shares were suspended for one day from the market opening on May 16, resumed from the market opening on May 17, and other risk warnings were implemented. The stock abbreviation was changed from "Shilong Industrial" to "ST Shilong", and the daily trading price limit is 5%.