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Today, the three major A-share indexes closed lower. Prev opened low and went low, and A shares were searched on Weibo in the afternoon.

By the end of the day, the Shanghai Composite Index was down 0.Chaingamescryptowheretobuy.82%, the Shenzhen Composite Index fell 0.Chaingamescryptowheretobuy.88%, the gem index fell 0.90%. More than 3800 stocks fell.

On the disk, kitchen and sanitary appliances, real estate development, property management plate led the increase, securities, electricity, CRO concept plate led the decline.

Yesterday's performance of Zhengdan shares, today again strong, late trading to achieve "20CM" limit, up nearly 400% so far this year. Chemical and chemical fiber stocks were active, with Nanjing Chemical Fiber, Longxing Chemical, Chuanfa Dragon Python and other stocks rising by the daily limit.

Real estate stocks are active in the afternoon.

Everbright Jiabao, Tiandi Source, Yunnan City Investment and other real estate stocks rose by the daily limit, while Binjiang Group, Nanguo Real Estate and Vanke A rose by more than 3%.

At the same time, Vanke bonds continued to rise, of which "220000 Section 07" trading price rose 20% or more than the previous closing price for the first time. Trading was temporarily suspended from 13:16:47 and resumed at 13:46:48, up 15.36% by the close. "220000 Section 04" as the intraday trading price rose by 20% or more for the first time compared with the previous closing price, trading was temporarily suspended from 14:06:42 and resumed at 14:36:43, up 17.12% by the close. In addition, "220000 Section 06" rose by more than 8%, and "220000 Section 02" rose by more than 9%.

On the news side, since the end of April, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, Nanjing and other places property market optimization policies intensive "Shangxin". With the support of a series of policies, the activity and trading volume of the real estate market in many places have further warmed up.

Tianfeng Securities Research News pointed out that since the meeting of the political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on April 30 proposed to "co-ordinate the study of digesting the stock of real estate", the market has given expectation to the adoption of "the government to collect and store real estate in order to ease market pressure." Tianfeng Securities believes that it is necessary to reduce the residential decontamination cycle pressure to less than 18 months.

HuaweiChaingamescryptowheretobuyHongmeng has more than 800 million ecological equipment

Huawei terminal Weibo reported on May 15 that Hongmeng has more than 800 million ecological devices, which can be upgraded to HarmonyOS 4.2, covering mobile phones, tablets, watches, smart screens and so on. In just one month, the number of upgraded users has exceeded 20 million, and user satisfaction has increased by 11%!

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