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The company's shares held by Hangzhou Beijia, the controlling shareholder of ST Yuancheng, who acted in concert, encountered forced liquidationcandycrushp2e, passive closing position 170candycrushp2e.60,000 shares, accounting for 0candycrushp2e.52%。

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[ST Yuancheng's controlling shareholder passively reduced its holdings of 1.706 million shares and was forced to close its position by Northeast Securities (000686)] On May 15, ST Yuancheng issued an announcement that Hangzhou Beijia, the acting person of its controlling shareholder, was in the margin trading and securities lending guarantee of Northeast Securities. Some shares in the account were forcibly closed. It is reported that the number of shares passively reduced this time is 1.706 million shares, accounting for 0.52% of the company's total share capital. The incident occurred in the credit transaction guaranteed securities account of Northeast Securities. According to relevant rules, when an investor's application for margin trading fails to meet relevant conditions, the securities company has the right to forcibly close the investor's securities. This forced closing position has an impact on ST Yuancheng's share pricecandycrushp2eSignificant impact. Industry insiders analyzed that the passive reduction of shareholders may cause market concerns about the company's fundamentals and further aggravate stock price fluctuations. At the same time, shareholders are forced to reduce their holdings may also imply a tight capital chain. It is worth noting that although the number of shares passively reduced this time is not high, it may trigger a chain reaction. If other shareholders follow suit, it may further aggravate the downward pressure on stock prices. Investors need to pay close attention to the company's subsequent developments and carefully assess risks. Investors should also pay attention to the cooperative relationship between ST Yuancheng and Northeast Securities. This forced liquidation event may have an impact on the cooperative relationship between the two parties. If there is a rift in the cooperative relationship, it may have an adverse impact on the company's operations. Overall, although ST Yuancheng's passive reduction event has put pressure on stock prices in the short term, in the long run, the company's fundamentals are still the focus of investors 'attention. Investors should continue to pay attention to the company's operating trends, conduct in-depth analysis of the company's financial status and market prospects, and rationally evaluate investment risks and returns.

candycrushp2e| ST Yuancheng: Hangzhou Beijia's guaranteed shares were forced to close 1.706 million shares, accounting for 0.52% of the total share capital