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What is Yocto Living?

Yocto-Living is your chance to make the most of London’s fast paced, vibrant lifestyle!

Yocto-Living understands that London’s biggest contributors spend most of their time in the city creating the buzz that puts London on the map. For this reason Yocto-Living has created a place where resting up before a hard day’s work/play is the priority and recognises that all other facets of daily life can be better enjoyed out in the city.

Floor area

GLA’s minimum space standards : 1b1p = 37m2
Micro Living: 1 bed apartment = 40m2
Student studio apartment: 1 Bed = 22m2

Yocto-Living: Stackable living system: 40x 1 Bed = 40m2 + 8no. Penthouses

Penthouse Cabins unfortunately have limited availability so get in quick to secure a unique view of East London.


Sleeping: Yocto Living Cabin - see Cabin Anatomy
Toilet: Yocto Living Toilet Facility (Preperation Area)
Kitchen: Mobile food delivery membership required (Please note - Yocto living does not permit food to be consumed on site so this will need to be consumed in nearby public eating areas)
Human Washing: Gym membership required at a gym of your choice
Clothes washing: Dry cleaning & Laundry membership required
Transport: Bicycle parking provided off-site**

Important Notice:

The computer generated images are created from plan and are indicative only of how the completed buildings may appear.  Elevational treatments, doors and windows may differ from that indicated on the plan or the computer generated image. The properties/Cabins are sold unfurnished. Yocto Living employs a policy of continuous improvement and it reserves the right to alter or amend the specification as necessary and without prior notice. Yocto-Living is a marketing name only.

If you have a spare piece of land and are looking make the most of it, please do not hesitate to get in touch with PUG development. See www.whatispug.com for further information

* Promoting Urban Greed since 2014

** Note: There are a number of lamp posts surrounding the Haggerston site which make ideal lockups for your 2-Wheeled transportation unit.

*** Note: If more than 2 users request at the same time you will be entered into a queue.

**** Note: There are no other facilities available within the Yocto Living complex

***** Note: If there are more than 2 users that request collection at the same time then you will be entered into a queue. We’re sure you’ll find your own rhythm within the Yocto-Living complex so that this does not become a problem.